Unavoidable Things – What to Look For in Cheap WordPress Host

Choosing a hosting plan for your business is as important as selecting a domain name.

Choosing a hosting plan for your business is as important as selecting a domain name. So, here in this blog, I have made the list of few factors that you can’t avoid when choosing the best WordPress hosting plans for your business to take it to the new heights of success.


This is the scripting language that WordPress uses. Your hosting provider must have this on the server for your WordPress website to function. For added security, WordPress recommends the host runs PHP as well. While this isn’t a requirement to run WordPress, it’s a plus. WordPress also recommends the server be running Apache. Again, not required – but recommended.



This feature refers to e-mail accounts and features you can create on your new domain. For instance, if your new website is going to be “mygreatsite.com” you may want to create an e-mail address of “[email protected]” For most people, a few e-mail accounts are more than enough. WebMail is a feature that will allow you to access that e-mail directly, just like you would Gmail or Hotmail. Mail Forwarding is another useful feature that allows you to set up your new e-mail address to automatically forward to any existing address you like.

Control Panel

Your control panel, or admin area, is where you will access your hosting account and work “under the hood.” For instance, this would be where you may create a backup of your site, set up your e-mail, install WordPress, and so on. The admin area of some hosting accounts is hard to navigate, difficult to understand, and frustrating to work with. Look for a host that uses a well-known and widely used option like cPanel. Not only will it be easier to work with, but there are also so many people using it that help, tutorials, and guides are easy to find if you need them.


One-Click WordPress Install

Some hosts require a long series of steps to get a WordPress site up and running: create a database, write down all of the credentials, establish FTP access, upload the files, navigate to the install page, enter the credentials, etc. etc. This can easily take an hour or more if you know what you’re doing and nothing goes wrong. Fortunately, some hosts simplify this tremendously and offer a one-click WordPress installation using installers. Beware, however, that some hosts don’t allow you to fully customize your WordPress if you use their one-click install feature.



What happens when you need help? Aside from reading online reviews, you probably won’t know how good your cheap WordPress hosting support is until you need to use it. But, what you can evaluate beforehand is how and when they offer support. For instance, is support available by phone, e-mail, chat, etc? Is support available 24/7 or 9-5 Monday – Friday? Making sure the availability of support fits with your expectations beforehand can save you some frustration.